Monday, November 12, 2012

About Gameloft's MY LITTLE PONY game

I'm listening this track whole day, because they have chosen it as a title theme for a new mobile game: MY LITTLE PONY (in case you don't installed it yet).

The game is great! Although there's some issues and overall gameplay is really for 10 year old girls...

Awesome thing:

There's Derpy in the game! Here's my screenshots:

Also they messed up Applejack's mane, lol:

And to round up my little review, just look at the pony names, it's a dream come true:

In conclusion: you must play it! You simply must!

I have an issue with Gameloft Live! login, so I'm playing the game in offline mode, but when they'll fix it, you can add me as Distoorted. Hope you'll enjoy this game as much as me :D


  1. I hear that there's somewhat of a paywall when you get to Rarity, but I'm going to defy the odds and get it as complete as it can get free (the ease of which depending on if you repeatedly get the 5-day-in-a-row bonus, if you do I think it's entirely possible)!

    I really wish someone would design a Pony RTS using this sort of style of gameplay as a base, I think that'd be beyond amazing.

    Also, before I forget to, added!

    1. Don't know about the 'paywall', but one of resources in the game are gems. 260 gems = $20. Rarity costs 90 gems, Princess Celestia costs 950 gems. You count..

      But other ponies from mane six can be bought with gold. It just takes some time to farm a necessary amount of it. Octavia costs about 9000 gold and trixie about 14000. So, technically, there's no paywall, it's just some ponies can be bought only with real money.

  2. Wheres derpy I must find her